NICEIC Online system update July 17 2018

Following the publication of BS7671:2018 on 2nd July 2018 the model forms published in Appendix 6 have been updated and therefore the NICEIC and ELECSA forms have been revised to incorporate the changes from the new Standard.

This system update introduces the following new certificate forms:

  • IMN18C - Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate
  • DCN18C - Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate
  • XNN18C - Electrical Danger Notification

We are introducing a new view for data entry called "Certificate mode" where you can view and edit the certificate in it's final layout, same as it will print on the final document. You can seamlessly switch between the "Certificate mode" and the previously used "Data Entry Mode". We have also reworked the circuit details and test results section so it will look and feel more intuitive and familiar.

The new features will be available only for the 18th edition certificates. 

We are introducing the following new features:

  • New 18th edition certificates
  • New view for editing certificates "Certificate Mode"
  • Reworked circuit data entry
  • Certificate form templates
  • Client book

You can download a detailed guide for the new features by clicking on the button below:

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