What work do I need to notify Building Control about?

Types of work that WOULD require you contact Building Control:

  • Replacement of existing window and door units
  • New or replacement air conditioning system
  • New or replacement Oil Tanks
  • New or replacement heating systems or boilers (regardless of fuel type)
  • New bathroom if additional plumbing is installed or existing plumbing changed
  • New or replacement fuse box and new or additional circuits
  • Installation of a sanitary convenience, sink, washbasin, bidet, fixed bath, shower or bathroom in a dwelling, that does not involve work on shared or underground drainage
  • Additions or alterations to electrical installations around a bath or shower

Types of work that WOULD NOT require you contact Building Control: None of the below are notifiable

  • Most maintenance, repairs and replacements unless mentioned above
  • Additions to existing electrical circuits such as additional sockets or lighting points
  • Replacements of baths, toilets, basins or sinks in a like-for-like manner
  • Replacement of roof coverings on pitched and flat roofs
  • New radiator installation




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