Complete App Guide - iPad

NICEIC Online for iPad will allow you to create and fill in certificate forms without the need for an internet connection.*

* You will need an internet connection to login, and when syncing your data.

Open the app to get started. You will be taken to the login page initially, just use the credentials you normally use online.

You will then be taken to the Dashboard:

To view existing certificates, tap 'View Existing'. You will then be taken to a list of your historic certificates.

To create a certificate, tap the 'Create New' button, then select the certificate type you want to create. You can move between pages by swiping your finger across the middle of the screen.

To sync your certificate data with the online server, tap 'Sync now' and select the date range for which you would like to upload/download.

To update your signature, tap 'Account', then tap 'Update signature'. You can then enter a new signature on screen and update your account with it.

Circuit Details

When you get to circuit details, tap where it says 'Click to create circuits', then either tap 'Circuits List' or slide your finger from the left edge of your screen. Now you will see a divided box on the left - the top section shows boards and circuits you have created while the bottom section shows the item currently being edited. On the right is where you enter your circuit details, test results and board details.

Tap the '+' in the bottom left corner to access the circuit menu. Once created, tap the board or circuit to select it, then tap 'Edit Circuits'. Again, this will bring up the circuit menu but now with the options of creating circuits on the board, inserting a template, saving the board as a template etc

Completing the certificate

When you've finished entering information and wish to complete the certificate, you will need to sync your data. Once the sync is complete, you'll be able to release the certificate from your device (see this article on syncing and releasing certificates).

Once the certificate is released, you will be able to complete it online.

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