Company Logos

Adding a logo

To add a logo to your account, first click the 'Account' tab,

then click the 'Logo' tab

Click 'Select file' to locate your image,

then click 'Upload'.

And that's your logo added.

Deleting a logo

Navigate to the 'Logo' tab within 'Account' and click 'View list of logos'.

Tick the box above the relevant logo as above, then click 'Remove selected logo(s)'.

Applying the logo to a new certificate

When you reach the declaration page, you will see the logo field at the top of the page as pictured below.

Just select the appropriate logo from the dropdown and you're good to go.

ECA members and non-ECA members

If a user is an ECA member, the default logo will be set as the ECA logo (see image below), otherwise there will be no initial default set.

Your company logo can be changed at any time and a default can be set by navigating to Account > Logo > Select default from logos.

Please note that logos can only be applied to Approved Contractor or Domestic Installer certificates and aren't available for 'ANY'/green certificates.

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