Certificate media

The certificate media is a tool to store additional documents and pictures on the online system. You can upload all file types to store it together with the certificate form however you can display only pictures on the final document.

To upload files to the system just open the related certificate form and click on the show button within the Action Box on the top right hand side of the screen as shown below.


*Please note, you can only attach image files (jpg, jpeg, png etc) to continuation pages, PDF's and text documents will not show on the final certificate.*

To upload files just click on the "Select files" button and select a file from your computer:

When the file is selected you will see a thumbnail with a progress bar on it. Just click upload and when the upload process is finished you should see a thumbnail picture with your file displayed within the Actions box.

You can take notes for each file uploaded by clicking on it.

When uploading images, you will then need to click the thumbnail on the left to select the image:

Once clicked, a tick will appear within the thumbnail:

Your image(s) will now be added to the final PDF.

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