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    Paul Clarke

    Been using the app on an Ipad mini creating domestic condition reports both online and via the app, have lost some information on the app and today the certificate i was working on created a random board and circuits, the certificate was synced so i could continue online on the ipad then it disappeared as an almost completed certificate and reappeared as a partially filled certificate. The input method seems to be slow and labourerous and sometimes the app loses data already inputted. An update is required i believe and maybe a rethink on the app presentation. Also seem unable to view a pdf version of the certificate on the Ipad.

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    Certsure Servicedesk

    Thanks for the feedback, Paul. Sorry that your experience using the app has been so disappointing.

    We have a new release coming soon which I hope will address some of your concerns. The data loss is something that should definitely not happen, though. Have you spoken to our support team regarding this? They can advise you on how to sync your data and also how to view the PDF on the app.

    Also, you can find information on releasing certs on this page

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    andrew ward

    andrew ward
    on the advice of the assessor at my last assessment I bought an ipad just for work and every time I use it some of the circuit details and /or test results are lost which leave me having to retest sometimes at a later date, is this problem going to get sorted if so when, very confused as to why you would encourage people to use an app that clearly doesn't work.

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    Been using a while now and still seems to lose test data on various forms but mainly the EICR forms.
    Observation and location boxes switch places on EICR docs also.
    No matter how many times I log out and in the registered installer number just has VAL present in the box.

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