Signature Q & A

How do I add/create a signature?

To learn how to do this please see the following article; Uploading a Signature into NICEIC Online.

How do I delete a signature?

You can't delete a signature from a user profile but you can update/replace it.

To remove the signature from a certificate, please see the following article; How to remove a signature from the certificate.

How do I sign an online certificate?

To sign an online certificate, navigate to the declaration section of the form and click the green button shown in the image below.

How do I convert a signature to the correct format?

To learn how to do this, please see the following article; Converting signatures into the correct format.

I need a third-party signature on my certificate, how do I do this?

To use a different signature than your own, you would need to create an individual user profile for each person needed to sign certificates. You can find out more about creating and setting up user accounts:
Adding users to your account
Understanding user permissions
How to edit user permissions

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