Grid Editor

The grid editor allows you to view an entire board on screen at once and to quickly navigate between circuits using the keyboard for faster input. Common values can be copied across all circuits and unused circuits or spares can all be filled in with a single click.

To access the grid editor, navigate to 'Circuit Details and Test Results' and create your first board/circuit.

The 'Origin of Supply' should still be highlighted, if not; left click to select, then right click to display the Circuit Menu. From the list select 'Editor'.

You should now see something similar to the image below;

From here you can enter your circuit details and test results. To do this, select a board/circuit, then double-click into the required field to add a value. (see images below)

You can also drag values down within the same column e.g 'Wiring Type', you just drag from the little blue square in the bottom right corner of the cell:

When you click and hold the left mouse button to drag the values down, you''l see something similar to this:

When all relevant cells are highlighted, just let go to populate them with the original value:


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