Circuit Details - An Overview

This article assumes that you have already been using circuit details on the NICEIC Online system, but there are a few differences in how you use this section of the certificate.

When you get to circuit details, tap where it says 'Click to create circuits', then either tap 'Circuits List' or slide your finger from the left edge of your screen. Now you will see a divided box on the left - the top section shows boards and circuits you have created while the bottom section shows the item currently being edited. On the right is where you enter your circuit details, test results and board details.

Tap the '+' in the bottom left corner to access the circuit menu. Once created, tap the board or circuit to select it, then tap 'Edit Circuits'. Again, this will bring up the circuit menu but now with the options of creating circuits on the board, inserting a template, saving the board as a template etc.


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