Print circuit charts

How to print or save circuit charts:

To display the circuit chart just navigate to the "circuit details and test results page" of the certificate form.

The circuit chart can be printed or saved per distribution board. Highlight the distribution board and right click on it to bring up the circuit menu and select "Circuit chart". The circuit chart will be displayed as shown below:

To print or save the circuit chart just click on the print button on the bottom right corner, this should bring up the print preview. On most computers you can select an alternate option to save it as a file. 

If you would like to save the circuit chart on to your computer you can do the following:

On MS Windows computers you can select printers or print to file options as shown below:

You might need to install a PDF printer or other solutions to be able to save the print preview as a file.

On a MAC / OSX you will see the following screen:

You can click on the PDF button on the bottom of the window to save the print preview as a PDF file.

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