Editing circuit details on a touchscreen device

Most touch screen devices do not have an easy way to simulate a right click so we have added a circuit menu which allows you to edit the circuits when on an iPad or Android tablet (or any other compatible touch-screen device). It contains all of the same options that would see if you were right-clicking on the website, but the menu is always available.

The system will detect that you are using one of these devices and show the menu button automatically. You just need to click the "Show Circuit Menu" button in the top left of your screen.

Here's how it looks



And here is the view you will see once you click the show button



You can toggle the menu between the open and closed states as and when you need to.

To disable touchscreen on your device, please refer to the guides below.

Windows 7:

  • Click Start -> in the Search box type: "Pen and Touch"
  • Click "Touch" tab on top
  • Disable checkbox for "User your finger as an input device"

Windows 8

  1. First, go to the device the manager by opening the "Charm Menu" and search for "Device Manager." If you don't see it, change the search filter to "Settings."
  2. Once in the Device Manager, expand "Tab." Then find "Human Interface Devices" and expand it.
  3. You should see several "HID-compliant device" listings. Some PCs will call it an HID-Compliant Touch Screen, but yours may vary—if you don't have a touch screen option, you may have to try each HID Compliant ____ until one works. When asked if you want to disable the device, select "yes." That's it! The touch screen on your Windows 8 device should be disabled.

To enable it again, just follow the same steps, but select "enable" instead. One important thing to remember: Once the touch is disabled, you'll need a keyboard and mouse paired with the device to undo it.

If you're using Google Chrome, see this guide to disable touchscreen within Chrome.


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