How to create Building Control notifications

Creating Notifications:

To view the existing notifications just click on the Notify button on the top of the page. Here you will see all the existing notifications listed. Also a search function is available to search for status and date range:

Generally there is two ways to create Building Control Notifications:

  • Create it linked to the certificate created on the online system, through the pop-up box option when you completing the electrical certificate.
  • Create one using the gray create notification button on the top left corner of the notification page. (If you want to submit building control notifications for handwritten certificates or for certificates created with other softwares)

The two options are the same in perspective of the notification form. The first page of the notification form will require the location details of the works:

The post code lookup function will show a list of addresses for the postcode. If it does not return any matches you can fill out the address fields manually as well.

The "PO or Reference" field stands for Purchase Order or Reference number. This is only for your local administration and is optional.

On the next page you will need to fill out the date, details of work, green deal and the related certificate number.

Date of works:

  • Please use the calendar that appears when you click on to the date filed.

Details of works:

  • A number of schemes available in the first drop down box. Depending on the scheme you pick, the work descriptors will appear appropriately. 
  • Please select the tick the boxes for the relevant conditions, multiple options can be selected.

Green Deal:

Registration number:

  • Choose the most relevant registration number

Related Certificate:

  • This field automatically populated with the certificate number if you creating the notification through the complete certificate pop-up box.
  • Needs to be filled out if you using handwritten certificates or other software solution for electrical certificates.


On the next screen you can check if all the details correct, change the delivery address, request a duplicate delivery for a different address or generate an eNotification.

Last step is a confirmation box where you will see the charges for the notification a button to download your eNotification if you have selected it and a number of navigation buttons.

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