Registration of a new user profile

If you want to register a new profile just click on the link below the green login button on the right of the screen.

If you have an existing account in use on the NICEIC.COM or NICEICDIRECT.COM please try to use the same credentials on the NICEICONLINE.COM as well. If you cannot log in and getting an error message “password check failed” please contact us on the following phone number: 0113 347 2348.


If you click on the Register link below the login button the following box will appear:

To register a new profile just click on the blue “Let me register” button on the left and the registration form will open requesting the complete registration number and the company postcode:

Follow the instructions for the registration number and click on the register button if the details are filled out in the boxes.

The next screen is the registration form for the user profile:


  • Security question 1 and 2 should be different.
  • The security answers are case sensitive.
  • Always take note of the security answers because without the right answers there is no way to reset the password for the profile!!!

If all the fields filled out correctly just click on the Continue button and the following message will appear:

You will need to activate the new profile with the activation email received to the mailbox of the registered email address. Just click on the activation URL in the activation email and enter the PIN number to activate the account.

Than enter the pin number as shown on the picture below:

If the activation is successful you will see the login page again, where you can login with the new username and the password created on the registration form.


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