Remote Boards

When the board you're working on is not connected directly to the origin, and you did not work on the board yours is fed from, you can use the new remote board element in your circuit diagram. This will stop the 'extra' schedule page that would appear when building the boards using the previously recommended method, as well as putting the information from the distribution circuit in the section that says "only to be completed when the board is remote from the origin".

To create a remote board, first right-click the Origin of Supply (click here if using MAC):

Select the phase appropriate board by left clicking.

If you now select the board and right-click, you will see the following options for your remote board:

Make sure to enter the distribution circuit on the board details tab if you use a remote board as this will be printed next to the information about the board.

After doing this, you will see something similar to the schedule shown below.

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