Data security policy



How Secure is access to NICEIC Online and ELECSA Online?


All communication with NICEIC/ELECSA Online is undertaken using HTTPS encryption. To Log in to NICEIC Online, your NICEIC Direct or your BRCS username and  password is used.  Security audits of our policies and systems have shown that password choices made by users and contracting bodies is by far the weakest aspect security, we do not store unencrypted passwords.


How Secure are my Certificates?


All data within NICEIC/ELECSA Online resides (physically) within UK based data centers and are subject to UK Data Protection Laws. Web access occurs via HTTPS for all exchanges and data is fully backed up daily.



What is the risk of failure of the system?

There is always a risk of failure of any technology based solution for a variety of reasons. NICEIC/ELECSA online uses wherever possible high availability and resilient systems with redundant servers in case of failure. The availability of the solution is monitored and should for any reason the system become unavailable, the NICEIC/ELECSA team will immediately be alerted and they will implement their plans to recover the system as quickly as possible.

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