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You can submit a request via the "Help & support > Contact Support" if your queries are not urgent or can't get through to one of our representatives.

Online Certificate System related issues or questions:

0333 015 6630

Account issues & Building Control:

NICEIC: 0333 015 6625

ELECSA: 0333 321 82 20

Technical queries and regulation related questions:

NICEIC: 0333 015 6628

ELECSA: 0333 321 82 20

B & Q related queries:



  • Avatar
    John Birch

    Called at 4:45pm to a voice mail stating your opening hours are 9am to 5 pm , subsequently told to call back then! Confused

  • Avatar
    Gareth Hope

    "My elecsa" is down with no way of contacting out of hours support. There needs to be someone who can resolve these issues of a weekend, considering Elecsa says support is available 24/7 and gives the support number which inturn says they are closed isn't good.

  • Avatar

    Rob mcgarvie
    Used the app last week and synced with my laptop in so doing lost all circuit and test results , not a happy chappie returning to do it all over again. Can we have it sorted please. I've tried phone but no answer could really do with more one to one over the phone.

  • Avatar

    When I try to print or export a certificate it just produces illegible junk. So far, Clik has been an over hyped piece of sub standard expensive software. I really should not be having to call tech help with such basic issues. This is costing me a lot of time and money.

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