Understanding user roles (NICEIC)

The user roles can be edited by any Qualified Supervisor user or if the role setting allowing it.

To access the user roles setting just navigate to the Account > Users > select user and the roles settings will appear on the right hand side of the screen.

The following settings are available to edit:

  • Create Certificate: The profile can access the available certificate list to create new electrical certificates.
  • Edit Certificate: Certificates created by the profile can be accessed and edited.
  • View Notifications: The profile can access the list view of the existing building control notifications.
  • Create Notification: the profile can create new building control notifications.
  • Edit Others: The profile can access and edit any of the existing electrical certificates.
  • Finalise Certificate: The profile can complete / finalise electrical certificates.
  • See Account: The profile can access all tabs under the account page (all tabs displayed not just the first 3)
  • Pay Bill: To be able to pay the bill the "See Account" has to be set as allow. 

The default user settings guide shown in a spredasheet, and can be found on the bottom of the user roles page

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