NICEIC Online Certificate Guide for 17th Edition Certificates

NICEIC Online Certificate Guide for 17th Edition Certificates


This is a complete guide for the NICEIC Online Certificate System with illustrations and detailed explanations for all functions available. To access the system you can use any device with an internet browser and internet connection. It can be wired, Wi-Fi or any mobile internet solution. To use the system you need internet all times.
You can open the log-in page by navigating to the site.

If you have an existing account in use on the NICEIC.COM or NICEICDIRECT.COM you can use the same credentials on the NICEICONLINE.COM as well. If you cannot log in and get the error message “password check failed”, please contact us on the following phone number: 0333 015 6630.


Table of contents:

      1. Registering a new profile
      2. First steps / profile setup
      3. Creating certificates
      4. Creating Notifications
      5. Advanced system management (Qualified Supervisors / Duty Holders)
      6. Support site and help articles


If you want to register a new profile just click on the link below the green login button on the right of the screen.

If you have an existing account in use on the NICEIC.COM or NICEICDIRECT.COM please try to use the same credentials on the NICEICONLINE.COM as well. If you cannot log in and getting an error message “password check failed” please contact us on the following phone number: 0333 015 6630.


If you click on the Register link below the login button the following box will appear:

To register a new profile just click on the blue “Let me register” button on the left and the registration form will open requesting the complete registration number and the company postcode:

Follow the instructions for the registration number and click on the register button if the details are filled out in the boxes.

The next screen is the registration form for the user profile:


  • Security question 1 and 2 should be different.
  • The security answers are case sensitive.
  • Always take note of the security answers because without the right answers there is no way to reset the password for the profile!!!

If all the fields filled out correctly just click on the Continue button and the following message will appear:

You will need to activate the new profile with the activation email received to the mailbox of the registered email address. Just click on the activation URL in the activation email and enter the PIN number to activate the account.

Than enter the pin number as shown on the picture below:

If the activation is successful you will see the login page again, where you can login with the new username and the password created on the registration form.


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First steps after logging in for the first time.

      • Check if all the company details are correct and the Qualified Supervisor settings
      • Set up the digital signature
      • Upload the test equipment details
      • Upload company logo (optional)

Click on the “Account” button on the top right corner of the screen, than the registration tab.

Please check if all the details are correct on the registration tab. If not just click on the
“Help & support” button on the top of the page than click on the “Contact Support” tab.
To update the registration details just click on the red button (Building Control & Your Account) and describe what needs to be updated.



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Setting up your digital signature:

To set up your digital signature click on the Signature tab. You have two options to create the signature:

  • If you have a touchscreen device you can draw a signature onscreen
  • You can upload a picture of your signature

The uploaded signature picture will show in the current signature box.



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Updating the test equipment details:

Click on the equipment tab to add the test equipment(s), and the following screen will appear:

      • On the top you will need to select the equipment type from the drop down list.
      • The name of the equipment is the name as you call it if you have multiple devices of the same type and make.
      • The notes is for the calibration dates and not shown on the certificate forms.

To edit the details of the existing equipment just click on the tick box on the left in front of the equipment details:



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Creating Certificates:

Creating certificates:

To create certificates just click on the Certificate button on the top of the page and then on the grey “Create Certificate” button on the top left side of the screen. The following screen will appear:

The available certificates will show depending on the scheme of your membership.
You can filter the list by selecting type, certificate name and category on the header of the list. To reset the filter just click on the blue reset filter button on the right.

The following options are available here:

      • Save a specific form as favourite with the star icon.  If selected the certificate will show on the home page as well in the “Quick Links” box.
      • Information for the certification form available by clicking on the question mark icon.
      • To find similar certificates from the existing certificate list click on the funnel icon if selected the system will show a filtered view of the existing certificate list.

To create a certificate just click on the name of the selected one and the certificate form will open.

General tools and navigation within the certificate form:

If you open any of the certificate forms you will see three boxes on the right hand side of the screen. 

The first box is the Actions box, containing the following functions:

  • Preview or download of the document:By clicking on the PDF icon you can download a PDF file to preview or print the certificate
  • Notes for the certificate and for specific fields. By clicking on the notes icon you can access the certificate notes. There are two notes box available:
      • Certificate notes for the complete certificate, it’s not shown on the printed form just on the system itself.
      • Field / Circuit notes can be recorded for each field by clicking on it and then typing the note in to the field / circuit note box.
  • By clicking on the Notepad icon you can download a blank certificate note to print out and take it onsite where no internet connection available.
  • By clicking on the audit log icon you can open a event log for the certificate.

The Certificate Media feature can be used for storing pictures taken onsite and any related documents such as related contracts or detailed documentation of the works carried out.

The second box from the top is the Recommended Help Articles where you will find video guides and guides if any available for the certificate you looking at the moment.

The last box is the Sections box where you will see all sections listed for the specific certificate form. You can also navigate between the sections by clicking on them. The certificate name and code displayed on the top of the sections box.



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Circuit details and test results:

The system automatically generates the circuit details and test results pages by the circuit layout created on this section, including any continuation sheets if necessary.

The online system uses a tree view instead of a list of circuits and distribution boards. The origin of supply is the root and displayed with a ground sign.


Each item is represented by a different icon:

The origin of supply is always the first item in the editor box.

Single phase systems:

Single phase distribution boards displayed with a folder icon

Circuits displayed with a blank page icon

RCDs displayed with a page with an R letter icon

Three phase systems:

3-phase distribution boards are displayed as a folder with a number 3 on the icon

 3-phase ways are displayed as a blank page with a number 3 on the icon

3-phase ways created with 3 single phase circuits by default

Single phase circuits displayed with different numbering on a 3-phase system

3-phase circuits displayed with 3 pages on each other icon

When editing the circuit structure always make sure you have highlighted the correct item as the system will add or remove the selected item even if you did right click anywhere else in the editor box!!!

When you right click on the selected item the circuit menu will appear:

You can also use the circuit templates same way as you create the distribution boards. The circuit templates can be used only on distribution boards. There are two options to apply a template:

      • Insert the board template will create the template board and all its contents on the selected position.

      • Replace board with template will replace the selected board with the template. (It will also delete anything on the selected board if there is any circuits created)

Please read carefully the pop-up warning messages as the carried out action cannot be undone!!!

You can save any of your boards as template. The board template includes all information of all circuits except the board specific information!!!

The circuit layout can be reorganized at any time by dragging the selected (Board / Circuit / RCD / Way) to the desired position. When you see a little green tick in front of the item you dragging you can release it. The selected item will appear on the new position and the circuit numbering will be updated as appropriate.

Additional information for MAC and Touch screen device users, where the right click is not available:

      • On any touch screen device a show/hide circuit menu will appear on the top left corner of the screen, by clicking on it you can open/close the same menu as the right click menu on a computer.
      • On a MAC the right click equivalent is the Ctrl + click. It means you have to press and hold the Ctrl button on the keyboard and click on the highlighted item with the mouse button at the same time.



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Creating and using templates

      1. Navigate to 'Circuit details & Test Results'
      2. Create a board
      3. Create the necessary amount of ways
      4. Right-click the board and select 'Save board as template'

5. Now when you wish to use the template, all you have to do is right-click to access the circuit menu, hover over 'Insert template here', then select the template you wish to use


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Circuit Template Management

 To manage the list of circuit templates you will need to navigate to the Account page and select the "Settings" tab then the "User Templates" option as shown below:

      • To rename the template just click on the notebook icon on the right
      • To delete the template(s) just select it with the tick box and click on the red delete selected button on the bottom of the page.

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Completing Certificates:

Each certificate form has a “Summary & Problems” section at the end. Here all missing fields will be listed. The missing details can be edited from here or if you want than you can navigate back to the section where the information is missing.

Important to remember at the moment on the circuit details and test results section there is no error check!!!

When you click on the Complete Certificate button the following pop-up box will appear:

Here you can select the following three options:

      • Notify Building Control of this work will open the notification form as next step.
      • Email a PDF of this certificate to your customer will open the usual email address field to set the email address of your customer and a message box.
      • Have a Printed copy sent to your customer will open an address field where you can set the address to be sent to. 

If all desired functions are selected the box will display the billing information as well. This is the last time when you can preview the certificate in draft mode.

It is important to make sure all information on the certificate form is correct as the locked / completed certificates cannot be edited and cannot be unlocked!



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Managing and searching the existing certificates:

To access the list view of the existing certificates just click on the certificate button on the top of the screen.

This view will show all the certificates created by you:

      • All completed certificates will display with a padlock icon next to them.
      • Details will display the client name, address of work, Certificate number

To manage the existing certificates just click on the tick box in front of the certificate code:

The following options are available:

      •    Document preview / download (draft/locked)
      •  Delete selected certificate (draft only)
      •  Notify Building Control / Email certificate / Send a printed copy to your customer. (locked only)
        The same options available here as the certificate complete pop up box options:
      •  Copy / Duplicate certificate function, with the following functions:
        You can copy any existing certificates including all information except the signatures and dates from the original certificate. (draft/locked)



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Creating Notifications:

To view the existing notifications just click on the Notify button on the top of the page. Here you will see all the existing notifications listed. Also a search function is available to search for status and date range:

Generally there are two ways to create Building Control Notifications:

      • Create it linked to the certificate created on the online system, through the pop-up box option when you completing the electrical certificate.
      • Create one using the gray create notification button on the top left corner of the notification page. (If you want to submit building control notifications for handwritten certificates or for certificates created with other softwares)

The two options are the same in perspective of the notification form. The first page of the notification form will require the location details of the works:

The post code lookup function will show a list of addresses for the postcode. If it does not return any matches you can fill out the address fields manually as well.

The "PO or Reference" field stands for Purchase Order or Reference number. This is only for your local administration and is optional.

On the next page you will need to fill out the date, details of work, green deal and the related certificate number.

Date of works:

      • Please use the calendar that appears when you click on to the date filed.

Details of works:

      • A number of schemes available in the first drop down box. Depending on the scheme you pick, the work descriptors will appear appropriately. 
      • Please select the tick the boxes for the relevant conditions, multiple options can be selected.

*See this article for more information about work types and associated descriptors.

Green Deal:

Registration number:

      • Choose the most relevant registration number

Related Certificate:

      • This field automatically populated with the certificate number if you creating the notification through the complete certificate pop-up box.
      • Needs to be filled out if you using handwritten certificates or other software solution for electrical certificates.


On the next screen you can check if all the details correct, change the delivery address, request a duplicate delivery for a different address or generate an eNotification.

Last step is a confirmation box where you will see the charges for the notification a button to download your eNotification if you have selected it and a number of navigation buttons.



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Bulk submission of building control notifications:

The bulk submission of building control notifications is not available by default. If you would like to have the bulk upload option available please contact the BRCS Admin Team!

To submit bulk notifications you will need to download a spreadsheet template first. To do that just open a new notification form and locate the bulk notification box on the right of the screen, then click on the bulk notification link. 
The following screen will appear:

      1. Download the template spreadsheet.
      2. Fill out the spreadsheet following the instructions above.
      3. When finished editing the template save the file.
      4. To upload it just click on the browse button on the bulk upload screen and locate the file, then upload it with the upload button.



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Amending Building Control Notifications:

To amend a Building Control notification you will need to navigate to the notification page and look up the notification ID:

then click on the "Help & support" button on the top of the page. Select the "Contact Support" tab and then the red button.

Please fill out the contact details and to the bottom text box type or paste the notification ID plus the description of amendments. When all details filled out just click on the green request support button on the bottom of the box.



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Advanced system management (Qualified Supervisors / Duty Holders)

If you are the qualified supervisor or the company duty holder your profile can be set as superuser profile. If your profile is the first registered it's set as superuser by default, otherwise please submit a request via the help and support button on the top of the page.

To check your profile settings just navigate to the account page. If you have 10 tabs available your profile is set as superuser profile:



Creating additional user profiles:

To create additional user profile just navigate to the Account > Create User tab where you will see the following screen:


Keep in mind that all fields are case sensitive!

The two security questions should be different, you pick two from a number of options:

Keep in mind that the answers are case sensitive and if you forget them there is no way to reset the password for the user profile!

If you have filled out all the boxes correctly you should see the following:



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Managing user roles

To edit the roles of your users just navigate to the Account > Users tab and click on the user name you want to edit or manage:

It is important to mention that you can not edit your own profile settings. If you are the qualified supervisor or the main duty holder for your company, you can contact us and we will upgrade your user profile to a superuser profile, which gives you full access to the system.

The following settings will appear for the selected user:

You can update the name of the person who is using the profile and the email address it is associated with. 

Any of the users created by you is set as non-QS user by default. You can check the default settings on the bottom of the page where you will find this cheat sheet:

 Please see the roles explained below:

      • Create Certificate: The user can access the available certificate list to create new electrical certificates.
      • Edit Certificate: Certificates created by the user can be accessed and edited.
      • View Notifications: The user can access the list view of the existing building control notifications.
      • Create Notification: the user can create new building control notifications.
      • Edit Others: The user can access and edit any of the existing electrical certificates.
      • Finalise Certificate: The user can complete / finalise electrical certificates.
      • See Account: The user can access all tabs under the account page (all tabs displayed not just the first 4)
      • Pay Bill: To be able to pay the bill the "See Account" has to be set as allow. 



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