Converting Signatures into the correct format

In this guide we will go through how to convert a PDF or other formats into PNG, JPEG and GIF so it can be used as a Signature on NICEIC Online.

There are two ways to convert files, we can do this manually using the instructions below or you are welcome to use one of the many automatic conversion tools on the internet. Here are a few links for file conversion websites: Zamzar, Online-Convert, YouConvertIt

However, we recommend doing this manually, please find your operating system from the list below and some instructions on how to convert the files.

Microsoft Windows 

If your scanner has created your scanned signature in the PDF file format the first thing you’ll want to do is convert this to PNG, JPEG or GIF. To do this we open the file you have scanned using Adobe Reader (this will probably be default but if you are using any other software let one of our support team know) and select the picture then right click on it to copy the image. Open Paint (default windows picture editor) and paste in the picture, you can use the Crop tool if needed. Once you've saved the file go ahead and upload it to the “Upload scanned signature” tab in “Account”. Please consult the Basic Signature Creation article if you have any difficulties. 

paint_menubar.png  If the file you've created needs cropping or is in the incorrect file format (TIFF for     example) easiest thing to do is opening the file in Paint. You can find this by             selecting Start—>Programs—>Accessories—>Paint 

  If we open the file you've scanned in Paint and using the Square Selection tool           (looks like the rectangular box) and select the area we wish to crop. Now select       Crop. Now we need to save the file we've just created so if we go to File—>Save     As—>And select PNG from the “Save as Type:” box next to Cancel. After we've       saved the file go ahead and upload this to the NICEIC Online Certification website.


Mac OSX 

Regardless of the file type, open the file using preview. This should be set to default but if its not Ctrl+Click/Two finger click or Right-click and select Open with—>Preview. Once preview opens with the file you've scanned go to File—>Export..—>Select PNG/JPEG2000 from the Format drop down—>Select Save. Now go to NICEIC Online and upload the scanned signature into the “Upload scanned signature” section of the “Account” tab.

mac_export.png      mac_save_as.png

If you've got a signature on a whole page of paper and you need to crop this then follow the same instructions and open the file in Finder. Select the Image Edit button (see below) then select the Rectangular Selection tool (looks like a rectangle with dotted lines) and press the Crop button from the same menu. Now follow the same steps as above to save the image you have modified. 

Other (iPad/Android)

If you've got a piece of paper that you’ve signed and are unable to scan the signature, using your phone or tablet take a picture of the signature from above in good lighting conditions and either email it to yourself to upload on the computer or using your phone or tablet login to the NICEIC Online Certification software and select the file from your Camera Roll/Gallery using the “Upload scanned signature’” section of the Account tab.

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