How do I unlock a Certificate?

There are two icons that you will see within the Certificate Section, draft_cert_ico.pnglocked_cert_ico.png

The first one means that the Certificate is not Finalised and can be edited by the user that created it and those that have permissions to edit others certificates. 

This padlock sign means that the certificate is now locked and finalised, this certificate has been designed a individual number which relates to that certificate. At this current moment in time once you lock a certificate it can not be unlocked to edit it and make changes (if you’ve made a mistake)


We are currently working on implementing a Revision System whereby you can ‘jump’ back to different versions of the Certificate you have created. If you go to the Update section of the Help & Support you can see recent and upcoming developments to the NICEIC/ELECSA Online Certification software and even request what you would like to see.

If you have accidentally finalised a certificate and you need to make a change, for the time being you can duplicate the certificate (If you do not know how to do this, please click here, or visit the Help & Support article titled Duplicating Certificates) and contact NICEIC/ELECSA Online Support for further information.

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