Basics of Circuit Creation

In this guide we'll go through creating circuits using the new NICEIC/ELECSA Online Certification system. The circuit details tree might be new to many of you but hopefully we'll get you building circuits by the end of this quick lesson.


On the Circuit Details and Test Results page you will see a page showing "Origin of Supply" and an arrow pointing to it saying 'Select the origin and right click to add boards & circuits. 


So first thing we can to do is Left click on the Origin of Supply and Right Click which should bring up a menu. If you're having trouble right clicking due to being on an mobile device or on Mac please read the note below.

Note: Tablet/Smartphone users have a special menu which says "Show Circuit Menu" and is located just above the purple Circuit Details and Test Results header. You are able to Right-Click from a Mac using Ctrl+Click or Two Finger Click if you're on a newer model, this can also be set within your system preferences.

Now we need to input the Board, for this example we will do a Basic Board with 6 Circuits. However, please feel free to use our other articles to help you through Dual RCD Main Switches and Switched Fuses. If we go ahead and select "Create Board" from the menu we get something that looks like the image below.


This is what we call the tree view. So we can see that the Distribution Board is coming from the Origin of Supply. Now we want to add some Circuits to that board. If we Left-click on the Distribution Board we've just created and then Right-Click to bring up the same menu you've just seen and select Create Several Circuits then Select Five Circuits.


Once this is selected you should see the box disappear and a [ ] icon appear directly next to the Distribution Board Screen_Shot_2013-10-30_at_10.03.39.png

If we press this all our Circuits will drop down below the Distribution Board


To enter all the information you need such as Name, Location, Details and Test Results first select the Circuit or Board you wish to change by Left clicking on it and all the details you need to enter will be displayed below relating to that Circuit/Board.

Important notice: The circuit details tab will display the incoming supply details for a distribution board and outgoing supply for an individual circuit. This means the circuit details tab can be left blank for the main distribuiton board as it would be the details of the "origin of supply", except the "Circuit/ Board Designation" field as that is the name of the board. 


A number of the fields you are able to enter your own information such as Circuit/Board Designation which will change the name of that board. For example, if we Left click on the Distribution Board and then Change the Circuit/Board Designation to DB1 and hit the enter key, Distribution Board will change to DB1.


You have just made your first Circuit. Feel free to watch the video below or go ahead and read some of our other guides.


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