NICEIC Online system updates May. 20 2014

The following system features are now available on the NICEIC ONLINE Service only:


The following certificates are now available:

  • EPN4C - Emergency Lighting Periodic Inspection and Testing Certificates

  • XNN4C - Electrical Danger Notification with a single sign on
  • ESN2C – Emergency Lighting Completion Certificate for small installations and verification of existing installations
  • ECN4C - Emergency Lighting Completion Certificate and Associated Declaration Forms


Details and Signature of third party Designer 1 and 2:


The details of third party designer can be edited, including the NICEIC enrollment number:


You can save an on screen signature for the Designer 1 and 2 or sign it as usual with your own signature:



Based on feedback from you requesting a more intuitive operation of the Circuit Details menu and to prevent some ‘illegal’ actions being made causing numerous issues:

    • New warning messages when converting circuits to board or board to circuit
    • Updated rules for templates to avoid 'illegal' actions
    • Updated circuit / board names after converting it


Changed the delete icon on drop down menus:   




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