NICEIC Online system updates April 22 2014

The following system features and fixes are now available on NICEIC ONLINE:


The following certificates are available from now on:

  • FHN6C - Certificate of Design, Installation and Commissioning of a Fire Detection And Alarm System OF Grade B, C, D, E OR F In Domestic Premise
  • FCN5 - Fire Detection and Alarm System Commissioning Certificate
  • FAN5 - Fire Detection and Alarm System Acceptance Certificate
  • FMN5 - Fire Detection and Alarm System Modification Certificate


Advanced search on existing certificate list:


  • Free text search on certificates (Search for)
  • Filter by created by, locked and last edited by user
  • Filter by locked/unlocked



Multiple search criteria can be set as shown below:


To add or remove extra search criteria use the + or - signs on the right of the search box.

If you want to save the search filter click on the "save this search" button shown below with the red arrow:


To "load a previously saved search" just select it from the drop down box on the bottom left corner of the search box.


Existing certificate view:


The existing certificate view has been updated as requested with the following details visible all time:

  • Client name
  • Certificate Number if the certificate locked
  • Address of the work
  • Postcode



Create certificate list:


The create certificate list has been reorganized to a list view. The layout is similar to the existing certificate view.
On the right hand side you can see three icons:

    • Star: Set the certificate as favorite and make it available from the home page.
    • Question mark: Short description of the certificate type.
    • Funnel: This filter will search for existing certificates of the selected type



General continuation sheet and word counter for description boxes:


  • Character counter will appear with specific text boxes with the recommended character numbers for the specific box.
  • The system will generate the general continuation page where available with the relevant cross referencing. 



Major system fixes:


  • 3-phase circuit bug fixes
  • Signature rendering on PDF’s
  • Bulk Upload - able to complete without work types
  • System performance enhancements 


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