NICEIC Online system updates Dec. 8 2013

The following system features and fixes has been updated on NICEIC ONLINE:


Notification function:

  1. Original Building Control Certificates to a different address:


    You can select one of the options shown on the picture.
  2. Additional validation to duplicate delivery of bcc:
    Able to notify even if postcode is unassigned to Local Authority:
    When you try to submit a notification, with a postcode which does not associated to a valid Local Authority (rare, but can happen), you can continue by selecting the appropriate Local Authority from the drop-down list to continue to submit the notification.
  3. List of deliveries can be checked in the notification details.


  4. Default notification scheme set as After 6th of April.
  5. A number of system updates to reduce the time taken to load the pages.


Certificate forms:

  1. Field data can be deleted with the delete_icon_32.png sign next to the specific fields on  all sections.
  2. Recommended Help Articles on the side of the certificate forms.


  3. Large circuit structures 503 server error on preview:
    A number of system changes has been implemented to avoid this issue, you should be able to preview the certificate no matter how big is the circuit structure you are working with.
  4. Confirmation of polarity shows as tick when you click n/a on the online form issue has been fixed.
  5. Draft PDF generation:
    Reduced processing and print times
    Preview issue on android devices
  6. A number of system updates to avoid issues with older browsers such as Internet Explorer 8 or equivalent, but we recommend to keep your system up to date if possible.



Account and Profile updates:


  1. Invoices issues:
    Missing invoices should appear correctly under the invoices tab.
    The deleted and unfinalized certificates should not appear under the unbilled items.
  2. Certificate creation available for all registration schemes.



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