Known Issues & Tips To Avoid Them

Known Issues

App crashes when moving between Circuit Details and Test Results

This issue tends to only occur when the keyboard is still active, dropping the keyboard before tapping 'Test Results' will avoid this problem.

Data Loss

This issue is affecting a minority of users and is not always explained in terms of the cause.

Two things that we know of that cause this are special characters in the 'Circuit/Board Designation' field (such as '/'), and taking certificates to the device on which a remote board is present.

Avoiding the above will reduce the risk of you experiencing issues with your data.

Case Sensitivity

This issue is related to the case used when logging in.

If your username is entered in a case different to that present online (, you will be treated as a different user and will experience issues when attempting to sync and release your certificates.


  • Only use the app when no connection is available at all, though we would advise against using the app at all until the issues are fixed
  • Avoid unstable connections such as hotspots generated from mobile phones
  • Remember to sync your device on a regular basis so that the information we hold on the server is as up to date as possible
  • Log out and back in before using the app to ensure that your user session is fresh

In the event of data loss:

If you do experience any issues regarding data loss, please follow the guide below so we can look at restoring your data and investigate any other issues which may be causing the problem(s).

1. Download and install iTunes
2. Download iExplorer from and install
3. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and launch iTunes
4. Make sure iCloud is turned off on your iPhone or iPad. You can't create backups using iTunes when iCloud is enabled
5. In iTunes, right-click (or Ctrl+click) on your device, which appears in the leftmost pane under Devices
6. Choose Back Up, ensuring that the 'Encrypt backup' option is not selected

Once the backup is finished, use iExplorer to extract the 'com.niceiconline.niceic' folder
When this is done, if using Windows, right-click the folder and go to 'Send to', then select 'Compressed (zipped) folder'.
If using OSX (Mac), locate the folder in Finder, Ctrl+click the folder and select 'Compress'.
Once compressed, send the file as an attachment to for us to process.


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